Here at All Star ,we believe in good old

fashioned work.We have 10 sales people on 

the phone securing locations for vending 

machine operators nationwide 6 days a 



All Star Locators secures vending locations  for

snack and drink machines,combo machines,bulk candy

and toy machines,triple head candy machines,double

head candy machines, single  head candy machines,honor snack trays,water coin games,charity honor boxes,crane machines,sticker/toy machine racks,video games,jukeboxes,ATM's,etc.


All Star Locators is a professional locating 

company with 25 years experience.We are not 

a business opportunity company.We specialize 

in securing high traffic locations for vending 

operators.We have special discount pricing 

for operators that buy locations in bulk amounts.


All Star Locators guarantees their 

locations for their operators,we give 

the operators 30 days to exchange any 

location that they purchase from 

All Star.We only secure the high traffic

locations here at All Star Locators.

All Star



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